Baked Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Donut Strawberry Shortcake

My twist on the classic strawberry shortcake! Dense, rich pound cake baked into stackable donut shapes and filled with lightly sweetened fresh whipped cream flecked with vanilla beans and macerated, perfectly sweet strawberries.

Now that it's officially summer (though it's been like 50,000 degrees here for a few months) I'm all about anything with berries. Strawberry shortcake is no exception.

Does anyone else remember those little sponge cakes they had at the grocery store that you filled with strawberries and aerosol whipped cream as a kid? I called them dog bowls because of the shape, isn't that appetizing? Hah!

Well, I promise these are way, way better and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 

They'd also be the perfect Fourth of July treat (and you could even add blueberries for that pop of blue!).

I use this donut pan from World Market. You can also find them here on Amazon, and at Target here.

Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Donut Strawberry Shortcake

Shortcake recipe adapted from Life Made Simple Bakes